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Digital Freebie: ATC-ACEO Background Collage Sheet

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this template. I invite you to click on the image above to download a free digital collage sheet of ACEO/ATC backgrounds to enjoy. Please come back soon!

FREEBIE! New 3 Column Minima Template for Blogger/Blogspot

Featured here is an image for free modified Blogger/Blogspot Minima template featuring three columns that I coded myself. As most people know, the original Minima template has only two columns. See the live demo here.

Here's the specifications of this template's built-in features:
  • The template is 940px wide with the main column coded at 500px and the side columns at 185px. 
  • Peek-a-boo navigation bar designed to avoid its interference with your blog's design while simultaneously preserving its functionality. (Click here for instructions on how to replace the navbar if you prefer that it appear in your blog).
  • Numbered  comments! Great for contests! (Note: be sure to "keep" widgets when asked in the pop-up window upon importing this template for numbered comments to work correctly. For more help, read this tutorial from Susie Jefferson of 1st Floor Flat).
  • An additional area for adding gadgets just below the banner. The translation menu I used in this demo is a perfect example. Use this for static (sticky) notes, photos, extra menu bars, widgets, polls, etc.
  • Note: When you install this template the color scheme will revert to the Minima template's original defaults. This is intended for you to customize in order to coordinate with your preferred free background.
This template free to use under the provision that my name and credits remain intact both at the bottom of the template and within the XML code.

Just like a great pair of jeans, this template also comes in "W-I-D-E" and "skinny" widths. As always, be sure to back up your current template before installing.
Terms of Use:  This template free to use under the provision that my name and credits remain intact both at the bottom of this template and within the XML code. Please respect the time, effort and expertise I offer for free in coding this template and the costs of hosting the files on your behalf. By installing this template, you agree to leave this link intact in perpetuity for as long as it's in use in your blog(s). Removal of said credits requires a PayPal donation to glamourbomb(@) That said, enjoy the template and let me know if you have any questions!

Everybody loves to be acknowledged and appreciated. If you enjoy this template please let me know! Some of the best ways to do so are as follows:
  • Write a blog post after installing this template. Tell your friends how awesome it is and where you got it.
  • Heart this item on Etsy.
  • Heart my Etsy shop.
  • Follow me on Tumblr.
  • Follow me on Twitter (I will follow back!).
  • Follow me here on Blogger with Google Friend Connect (I will follow back!).
  • Leave comments on my blog.
  • Join the Glamour Bomb Facebook fan page.
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Thanks for stopping by and have a magical day!

New in my Etsy Shop!

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