How To Easily Clean A Vintage Coffee Percolator

Today's blog post is brought to you by... C O F F E E ! ! !Click image to embiggenWarning: I'm obsessed with ways to make good coffee on the cheap so I think several upcoming posts are going to be about coffee!  I'll resume my regular standard posts as soon as I get over this kick. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm totally into making coffee with a percolator.  It turns out, the
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"This Is Coffee" (1962) or "How To Percolate Coffee"

Last summer I went camping and enjoyed the best cup of joe I've had since my travels in Europe when I graduated high school. Maybe it was the great outdoors. Maybe it was the fresh clean air. My friend who brewed it fresh every morning swore it was the fact that it was percolated using a camping percolator coffee pot.Life was good. Summer came and went and along with it was those mornings of fresh
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